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About Me

Born in rural South India with a yearning to travel and meet people, but little opportunity, Pradosh started his exploration of the world by enlisting as an international social care volunteer, spending a year in Switzerland. Embracing a very different world to the one he had grown up in, Pradosh travelled in his spare time to a wide range of European destinations, immersing himself in local culture.

On his return to India, Pradosh used the German language he had acquired as a volunteer to become a tour guide in India, for Shoestring and Koning Aap. It was at this time he developed his interest in photography, as he helped clients to record their experiences and ‘capture their inspiring moments’. This is also how he met his Dutch partner, with whom he now lives in the Netherlands. Since settling here, Pradosh has formally studied Photography at the Fotovakschool in Apeldoorn, enabling him to develop technical expertise, his artistry and personal style.

Pradosh is instinctively inquisitive and continues to be drawn to places enriching his experience of cultural diversity. In recent years, Pradosh has travelled far and wide, visiting countries including Kenya, Myanmar and Japan, capturing their vibrant contrasting lifestyles with his powerful imagery. Pradosh is calm and empathetic , has a talent for putting people at ease and skilfully conveys their emotion as they go about everyday life. This is reflected in the stories that naturally emerge from his images.

This portfolio catalogues his journey so far …

Pradosh Kumar – Travel Photographer